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For every one of our customers and retailers, it is an absolute necessity to peruse the Terms and Conditions laid forward by Coupon Haven Online, which could make your usage of the site a simpler and legitimate one. When you buy in or then again begin utilizing our administration, it straightforwardly demonstrates that you have perused and acknowledged the terms which are acceptable to you.

If you are not in concurrence with our Terms & Conditions, it is better advised not to buy in with us. You can email to us at Couponhavenonline@gmail.com to get in touch with us to get flexibility on further issues which are disturbing you to understand our direction.

Registration, Opening, and Closing of an account:

  • With the emails from our side, you have to register yourself through the mailing list. It is all subject to the Coupon Haven Online to deny or acknowledge an account anytime without giving any reason.
  • If you give your email address that will consequently imply that you need to acknowledge our newsletter and other promotional literature through email.
  • You have all the rights to withdraw from the subscription at whatever point you need to. You just need to email us at Coupon Haven Online@gmail.com.


  • Coupon Haven Online goes for giving facilities to the shoppers through our services which are for all the general people around the world.
  • If you are using the site, then you are exposed to every one of these Terms and Conditions mentioned.
  • The services at the site are exposed to all the people and for the non-commercial uses.

Services and Use of the Website:

  • The site is free from all the erroneous shortcomings which are ensured thoroughly. The keeping up of the information is precise at the site.
  • The site doesn’t guarantee the intruding on the utilization of the site.
  • The privilege of making any changes and alters are altogether held with the site.

The mentioned Terms and Conditions are must for each customer and retailer to pursue as all the benefits lie with Coupon Haven Online. The agreement does not imply that any copyright has been given to customers or retailers.

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